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Fundraising tips

All funds raised will help deliver care and support to people living with MND. In addition, funds will be used to support research into finding cause, potential treatment and cure. Below are some tips to start you on your fundraising journey.

  • Set yourself a reasonable goal. If you reach your goal, you can always increase it later on
  • Sometimes it helps to get the ball rolling on your fundraising page if you make a donation first. Leading by example sets a benchmark for people to follow, so think about the amount too (e.g. if the first donation is low, then the following donations may also be on the lower side, whereas if it’s a reasonable first donation, you’re setting the bar a bit higher, and people tend to follow this example)
  • You could also ask your supporters for a set amount to help you reach your goal e.g. If every one of my 100 friends gives $30, I’ll be able to reach my target of raising $3,000 to help people with MND
  • Use all of your social media profiles to get your message out there and don’t forget to email everyone too. It’s hard to turn down a personal ask of support
  • Talk to your contacts about why you’re inspired to take part in the event to inspire them to support you
  • Don’t be afraid to ask, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get! You’ll probably surprise yourself with the amount of support you’ll receive. If you are a bit shy, then just talk to your contacts about why you’re participating in the event and why supporting people with MND is important to you
  • As people donate to your fundraising page, make sure to thank them. People like to feel appreciated and they will probably give to you again in the future if you recognise their generosity
  • Most importantly… have fun! You’re doing this for a great cause and you should feel good about your fantastic efforts.

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