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Hi everyone - as most of you know I've been the Supporter Development Manager at MND Vic for almost 10 years. During this time I've met some amazing and inspiring individuals and families who had, or still have, MND. Please help me to raise $500 so that we can continue supporting all Australians with MND. This is especially critical at this time when COVID-19 has severely impacted our fundraising income. Thanks so much xx

My Updates

19 Jun 2020

Well it's June 19 - just two more days to go. I've been very slow in updating my page but I'm very happy to advise that since my last post on May 27 I've actually managed to walk all but four days for a total of 80kms. I'm certainly feeling a lot fitter :-) Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far. #AM4MND is so close to smashing $200,000!

27 May 2020

I've been a bit slow in posting my walks! I've kept up the walking on 8 of the 10 days so am pleased to say that I've now clocked up an additional 41 kms. Hope you like the view from Monument Hill, Kilmore. Quite a climb up but well worth it. Hume & Hovell stopped here in the 1830s. Thanks for your continued support #AM4MND

17 May 2020

Over the last few days I've walked 20kms. Had to walk both this morning and afternoon today because I missed walking on Friday :-( Still think I'm on track though to reach my goal of 250kms for the whole campaign. Thanks to everyone who has donated to my page :-)

12 May 2020

So have been walking the dogs every day and can happily advise that I've now added another 11 kms since my last post. Not quite the 25 kms a week but not too bad! Today we went down McIvors Road and the setting sun was beautiful.

09 May 2020

Added another 3.5kms yesterday so am a bit behind. Lots of kangaroos around again. They are fascinating 😊

07 May 2020

Have managed to walk another 13 kms since my last post. Yesterday was a great walk - up Monument Hill which was steep and a bit rugged but certainly worth it as the view from the top is amazing. We also had some visitors watching us on our walk. Fortunately the dogs were not distracted :-)

02 May 2020

Today marked the start of my #AM4MND campaign - we too the dogs for a 5km walk despite the rain and wind. Felt good to be outside and also to be getting started. Think I might increase my goal to 250kms between now and June 21. #AM4MND. #NEVERGIVEUP

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